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New richer, more compelling and visually consistent Twitter reposts

New Twitter Cards support provides Friends+Me users with multimedia-rich Twitter reposts.This amazing feature also allows up to 200 characters long Google+ text reposts to Twitter in full length.Share pictures, videos, articles and thoughts on Google+ now with richer Twitter reposts.Twitter Cards support will be enabled to all users from now on. Enjoy :)Web Twitter CardsMobile Twitter Cards

Friends+Me early-access Beta

We were able to prepare Friends+Me for its public beta with help of our early users.

Friends+Me reposts publicly published Google+ activity to Facebook and Twitter better than ever and therefore the early-access Beta program is launched.

Please, feel free to SIGN UP to early-access Beta and enjoy simplicity of Friends+Me.

Help us to make Friends+Me better.

Thank you all for your support.

Friends+Me Big Bang Release

Friends+Me service is bigger and better than ever. More and more people sign up and at the moment Friends+Me is actively used by 120 users. It makes me happy to see that Friends+Me helps more and more people simplify using of such great service as Google+ undoubtedly is. For those of you who have not signed up yet, please do so Friends+Me Sign Up.Now, please let me present you a list of improvements and new features I have been working on for almost a month. And it was a busy month.Google+ Page supportReposts of publicly published Google+ Page activity to Twitter, Facebook Personal feed and Facebook Page feed are supported from now on.Facebook Page supportUnlimited number of registered Google+ Pages Improved Twitter supportFriends+Me has improved Twitter support. Henceforward you can enjoy the most wanted features such as enforcement of appending a link to original Google+ activity to all your Twitter reposts.Texts "via @FriendsPlusMe" and "#FriendsPlusMe" were r…

Release 2012-09-04

Repost of Google to Facebook and Twitter is simpler than ever.I have decided to publish release reports on a regular basis so you all can see what’s new, fixed, improved and what are the plans for the future.Since the start of the service I’ve implemented following features:Support for Checkin activity repost.Support for Photo Album repost.Workaround for repost to Facebook feed failure “(#341) Feed action request limit reached”.In that case is activity reposted as link.Improved reposting of images to Facebook.Image reposts are linked directly to Google+ post with image.And what are the plans for the near future?Repost of public activity from Google+ Pages.Repost to Facebook Pages.
Thank youThank you all for your amazing support.Together we can and we will make a difference.