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Friends+Me Big Bang Release

Friends+Me service is bigger and better than ever. More and more people sign up and at the moment Friends+Me is actively used by 120 users. It makes me happy to see that Friends+Me helps more and more people simplify using of such great service as Google+ undoubtedly is.

For those of you who have not signed up yet, please do so Friends+Me Sign Up.

Now, please let me present you a list of improvements and new features I have been working on for almost a month. And it was a busy month.

Google+ Page support

Reposts of publicly published Google+ Page activity to Twitter, Facebook Personal feed and Facebook Page feed are supported from now on.

  • Facebook Page support
  • Unlimited number of registered Google+ Pages

Improved Twitter support

Friends+Me has improved Twitter support. Henceforward you can enjoy the most wanted features such as enforcement of appending a link to original Google+ activity to all your Twitter reposts.

  • Texts "via @FriendsPlusMe" and "#FriendsPlusMe" were removed from Twitter reposts - it means more space for your own message.

We work quite intensively on Twitter Cards support.

Web site redesigned

The substantial redesign of Friends+Me web site includes new features like Repost timeline that shows last 20 processed reposts.

  • Twitter and Facebook reposts can be disabled/enabled or completely disconnected at any time.
  • Friends+Me account deletion is possible now.

Some other news

Friends+Me has a first version of privacy policy.

Friends+Me hit Google+ API daily request limit which resulted in a week of reduced 15 minutes fetch interval. It took a while but finally our quota request was approved and the limit was increased so we are back on 5 minutes fetch interval.

Friends+Me got first reviews from its active users:

Plans for the future

  • Twitter Cards support
  • More control over reposting process by using hashtags #noshare, #fb, #fw
  • Improvement of repost problem diagnostics
  • Support for other networks (LinkedIn, ...) - any other suggestions?

Thank you for your ideas, suggestions, bug reports and mainly for using Friends+Me.

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Enjoy :)

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