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The Examples of Friends+Me Reposts

I have prepared for you all a few example screenshots of Friends+Me reposts. So you can see what is it all about.
Google+ Video Activity Twitter Video Repost Facebook Video Repost Google+ Photo Activity Twitter Photo Repost Facebook Photo Repost Google+ Article Activity Twitter Article Repost Facebook Article Repost Google+ Note Activity Twitter Note Repost Without Backlink Facebook Note Repost Google+ Note Activity Twitter Note Repost With Backlink Facebook Note Repost

Control Friends+Me reposts by hashtags

There is a new blog post on this subject.Please go to Extended hashtag control of Friends+Me repostsNew feature allows you to control reposts by using hashtags. Just append the hashtag to your message.#noshare if you don't want to repost your publicly published activity#fb to repost only to Facebook#tw to repost only to TwitterExample Google+ activitiesActivity without any hashtags goes to Facebook and Twitter.Don't repost this to Facebook and Twitter. #noshareRepost this only to Facebook. #fbRepost this only to Twitter. #twControl your reposts.We look forward to hearing from you.