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Share Google+ to LinkedIn

We gladly present you repost from personal Google+ to LinkedIn. This eagerly awaited feature is finally available to all Friends+Me users.All you have to do is to connect your LinkedIn account to Friends+Me and choose whether you want your reposts to be seen by everyone or only by LinkedIn users you're connected to.LinkedIn limits the number of user shares per day to 25 but it should be more than enough. Google+ activities are shared to LinkedIn only when a control hashtag is used. It is a preferred option due to the daily limit.Enjoy.

Extended hashtag control of Friends+Me reposts

With upcoming support of LinkedIn network we've realized that Friends+Me needs a better, easier and more intuitive control of reposts.Here is what we've come up with. To define repost destination network(s) you can use hashtags in your Google+ post. Otherwise Friends+Me will repost to networks you've marked as default ones.Better control, better experience. How does a default destination work?Default means you don't need to append a control hashtag to your Google+ post to let Friends+Me know where you want to repost the post.In another words, if you don't append any control hashtag to your post, Friends+Me will repost the post to the social networks you have marked as default.Hashtag only means you have to append a control hashtag to Google+ post to make Friends+Me repost to that social network.How to use control hashtags?You can control Friends+Me reposts by using hashtags. Just append a hashtag to your post.Choosing the networks by using hashtags is quite simple. …

How to Connect Your Google+ to Twitter and Facebook

Friends+Me is a service that automatically reposts publicly published Google+ activities to Facebook and Twitter.We Know You Love Google+You use Google+ on phone, tablet, desktop and you love it but most of your friends still use only Facebook or Twitter.Before Friends+Me came up, being present on all your social networks had meant, you had had to use web browser plugin, some terrible RSS magic or repost manually. And we all would agree this is really annoying.Fortunately Friends+Me is here to make this problem go away and to make our life's a bit easier.Google+ Page | Facebook Page | TwitterHow Does It Work?Friends+Me allows you to build up your presence on Google+ improve you SEO and to keep appearance on Facebook and Twitter and all that at the same time. It is a win-win.How is it possible? Friends+Me regularly fetches all your publicly published personal Google+ or Google+ Pages activities in 5 minutes intervals and reposts the new ones to Facebook, Facebook Pages and Twitter …