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Extended hashtag control of Friends+Me reposts

With upcoming support of LinkedIn network we've realized that Friends+Me needs a better, easier and more intuitive control of reposts.

Here is what we've come up with. To define repost destination network(s) you can use hashtags in your Google+ post. Otherwise Friends+Me will repost to networks you've marked as default ones.

Better control, better experience.

How does a default destination work?

Default means you don't need to append a control hashtag to your Google+ post to let Friends+Me know where you want to repost the post.

In another words, if you don't append any control hashtag to your post, Friends+Me will repost the post to the social networks you have marked as default.

Hashtag only means you have to append a control hashtag to Google+ post to make Friends+Me repost to that social network.

How to use control hashtags?

You can control Friends+Me reposts by using hashtags. Just append a hashtag to your post.

Choosing the networks by using hashtags is quite simple. You just have to combine letters f for Facebook, t for Twitter and l for LinkedIn into one #hashtag. The order of the letters does not matter.

For example #ftl will repost to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and #flt, #tlf, #tfl, ... are equal, the order of the letters really does not matter.

  • #fl for reposts to Facebook and LinkedIn but not to Twitter.
  • #tf for reposts to Twitter and Facebook but not to LinkedIn.

If you don't want to repost your publicly published activity at all, you have to use hashtag #noshare or #ns.

  • ex. "Top secret message. #ns"

Examples of Google+ posts with hashtags

  • The activity without any control hashtag goes to default networks only.
  • Don't repost this post. #ns
  • Repost this only to Facebook and Twitter. #ft
  • Repost this only to Twitter and LinkedIn. #tl
  • Repost this only to LinkedIn. #l
  • Repost this only to Facebook. #f

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