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New adaptive repost interval feature

We relentlessly work on reduction of maintenance costs of Friends+Me service to be able to offer our users the lowest possible price when the time comes. An improvement we have recently come up with is a new adaptive repost interval.
What is the point? We want to optimize the load and number of our servers. Also Google+ Developer Relations Team requires this feature to be implemented before they allow another increase of Google+ API quota. How does it work? Every day, which Friends+Me does not fetch any new posts, your account repost interval will slow down but it will be immediately restored to the fastest possible interval with your first post. If you publish at least one post a day, you always have the fastest possible repost interval.
For example, you have subscribed STANDARD plan (everybody is subscribed to the STANDARD plan  for free in beta) and you do not publish at least one post for 1 day then the next day will be your repost interval reduced from 5 to 7 minutes. The follow…