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Friends+Me is here to revolutionize social broadcasting

We are on a quest to bring Friends+Me to life together with our early adopters and we would like to share with you all what we have accomplished so far, what is our vision and what else we want to bring to our truly amazing users.

Crude numbers First, let me show you some crude numbers. Up to this day more than 7300 users have signed up and Friends+Me has reposted more than 483000 Google+ activities. We have not done any advertising so far. The world-class user support is and always will be our top priority.
Paid plans We are only weeks from being able to access paid plans to all our users. We are finishing work on a legal stuff right now and we will be able to accept payments soon. All users will be notified shortly and we hope everybody will support the future development of Friends+Me service and switch to the appropriate paid plan. Also as we promised, all beta users will receive a discount as a token of appreciation.
The future of Friends+Me We have had really really busy few mo…

A small subset of features and improvements we delivered to our users during the last months

We have had really really busy few months. And I believe we have been able to deliver to our users a more reliable and useful sharing platform.

Our backend system has been redesigned from the scratch with scalability in mind and now is able to withhold rapidly increasing number of reposts. Also the frontend one was redesigned and moved to more reliable hosting platform
Google+ sing-in integration As you have already noticed, we have integrated Google+ Sign-in. Of course, this does not change anything for you. You will see Friends+Me application in the list of applications you have granted access to your Google+ account. This list can be found in your Google+ profile in About tab.
We have settled with Facebook Spam Filter The biggest improvement we have introduced  to Friends+Me recently is the new shortener. Its main value is in the reduction of the number of the rejected Facebook reposts because of false positive spam identification.

Right from the beginning we…