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A small subset of features and improvements we delivered to our users during the last months

Endeavour is Delivered

We have had really really busy few months. And I believe we have been able to deliver to our users a more reliable and useful sharing platform.

Our backend system has been redesigned from the scratch with scalability in mind and now is able to withhold rapidly increasing number of reposts. Also the frontend one was redesigned and moved to more reliable hosting platform

Google+ sing-in integration

As you have already noticed, we have integrated Google+ Sign-in. Of course, this does not change anything for you. You will see Friends+Me application in the list of applications you have granted access to your Google+ account. This list can be found in your Google+ profile in About tab.

We have settled with Facebook Spam Filter

The biggest improvement we have introduced  to Friends+Me recently is the new shortener. Its main value is in the reduction of the number of the rejected Facebook reposts because of false positive spam identification.

Right from the beginning we have to battle Facebook and its mighty spam filter. About 8.4% of all reposts to Facebook have been rejected because they were falsely identified as spam or abusive. Thanks to shortener we have been able to dramaticly reduce the number of rejected reposts to only 0.41%. This is a huge success.

Facebook and backlinks in messages

We were forced to remove backlinks from photo reposts. Because we were told they violate Facebook Platform Policies. So far we have no success in replacing them with some other functionality. But we will keep fighting.

Facebook reposts improvements

The action link in a Facebook note repost was renamed from "Google+" to "Comment on Google+". This should increase user engagement in Google+.

The duplicate comment was removed from video reposts.

Repost option "Always append a link to original Google+ activity" was renamed to "Always link back to original Google+ activity" which is more accurate. Reposts link back to Google+ post when enabled and to content shared by Google+ post when disabled.

How is Twitter repost status created?

As you may have already noticed, if your Google+ post contains more than one line, only the first line is used as a text for Twitter reposts status. If the first line does not contain any hashtags and links, it can be long up to 117 characters. Longer text is shortened. Twitter Card link is appended to every status.

Adaptive repost interval

Adaptive repost interval was integrated to our backend systems. More detailed description can be found on our blog

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Schedule posts for Google+ Profiles and Collections without the browser running all the time!

I am happy to announce that Google+ team has taken another step in the right direction and made it possible to publish to Google+ profiles and collections to all Google+ partners.

So from now on, Friends+Me users are going to be able to schedule and publish posts for Google+ profiles and collections without the need to keep the browser with the Friends+Me extension up and running all the time!

We've almost lost all hopes but it's finally here! How cool is that!

All you have to do is to reconnect your already connected Google+ Profile and Page accounts to enable this new feature. How to reconnect account? The feature will be automatically enabled for all accounts you'll connect from now on.

There's a catch. The extended Google+ API do not support publishing to Google Apps profiles, only vanilla Google profiles are supported at the moment. Google+ team promised to remove this limitation soon.

Let me know what you think of this new feature.
Enjoy :)

Introduction to Friends+Me

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You can also use the browser extension which allows you to schedule posts to all your networks including Google+ profiles, pages, communities and collections.
Google+, really? Yes, really! Whilst you don’t need to be an active Google+ user to use Friends+Me (the browser extension allows you to post to all your networks without having to first post to Google+), there are huge advantages in posting first to Google+.

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