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Friends+Me is here to revolutionize social broadcasting

We are on a quest to bring Friends+Me to life together with our early adopters and we would like to share with you all what we have accomplished so far, what is our vision and what else we want to bring to our truly amazing users.

Pauline Frederick knows all and sees all. But no predictions from her today.

Crude numbers

First, let me show you some crude numbers. Up to this day more than 7300 users have signed up and Friends+Me has reposted more than 483000 Google+ activities. We have not done any advertising so far. The world-class user support is and always will be our top priority.

Paid plans

We are only weeks from being able to access paid plans to all our users. We are finishing work on a legal stuff right now and we will be able to accept payments soon. All users will be notified shortly and we hope everybody will support the future development of Friends+Me service and switch to the appropriate paid plan. Also as we promised, all beta users will receive a discount as a token of appreciation.

The future of Friends+Me

We have had really really busy few months. And I believe we have been able to deliver to our users a more reliable and useful sharing platform.

Friends+Me as your new social marketing platform

We plan to apply for write access to Google+ Page API to provide our users unique possibility to manage their Google+ Pages in a way they are used to from managing Twitter accounts. We will make existing Google Chrome extensions such as DoShare obsolete.

Our priority is to deliver the ability to schedule posts to Google+ Page and to all other supported social networks.

Repost Analytics

Friends+Me will provide users with analytics of likes, comments of the posts received on Facebook, replies, retweets and favorites on Twitter and much more. The analytics will be available per repost and per network. You will be able to determine which of the posts has had the biggest influence on a number of new Twitter followers, Twitter replies, Facebook Likes and Facebook Comments and user engagement. We will provide users with every metric possible. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Social interaction timeline

Place where you will find all your reposts with likes, comments, replies, favorites. You will be able to reply/react there without the need to go back to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or other page to reply.

We love bloggers

Bloggers will love new support of blog platforms such as Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr and possibly Myspace.

Support for many many more networks

The support for many many more networks is planned. You can look forward to support of reposts to,, Foursquare,,, and maybe Pinterest, and reposts of photos to Instagram.

Here is a list of some minor features we plan to integrate to Friends+Me

  • Ability to retry the failed repost. If a repost fails we will provide users a simple retry button.
  • Optionable remove of hashtags from reposts to networks with no hashtag support (Facebook) and remove of + character (prepended to names) from all reposts. Other users really do not like cross-posts so Friends+Me has to make them look as native as possible.
  • Customizable hashtag routing of Google+ posts to other social networks. Create your own hashtags that will tell Friends+Me to which networks to repost to and visibility of reposts (friends, everybody, …).
  • Allow reposts from Google+ Communities.
  • Implement reposts to Linkedin Company, Linkedin Groups and Facebook Groups.
  • Integrate support for new types of Twitter Cards such as Gallery Card
  • Twitter automatic follow-back of new followers.

As you can see, we have a lot of features to implement. But our plan remains the same, to help people to increase user interaction across all social networks, save a ton of time and use Google+ as much as possible because it is a platform with such amazing people.

Do you have a suggestion, feature request or want to help?

Please join Friends+Me Google+ Community or contact +Friends+Me directly on Google+ and tell us. We appreciate every input.

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