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New Feature! Scheduling of reposts from Google+ to other social networks.

One of the most requested features is finally here. Friends+Me allows you to schedule reposts of Google+ posts to other social networks.
You will be able to define days and times at which you want Friends+Me to repost queued Google+ posts to other social networks to keep your content always fresh.
Publishing at times, when the most of the followers are online, increases the engagement and chance of actions such as retweet/share/like/favorite.How does it work in detail? Repost scheduling is disabled by default and can be enabled for every destination account separately with a time zone for which you will define reposting times. Reposting schedule allows to select days of the week and define unlimited number of reposting times. Premium accounts are allowed to create more than one reposting schedule, this way you can define different times for every single day of the week.
With scheduling enabled, every fetched Google+ post is saved to a queue and scheduled to the next predefined reposting …

We're switching Friends+Me card payment provider

Due to business reasons, we have decided to switch our card payment provider from Paymill to Braintree. Paymill is an excelent company with a great product and amazing support but their annual subscription support is very limited and that is something Braintree will help us out with.How does it concern you? You have subscribed to Friends+Me premium plan with your credit card via Paymill payment provider. We would like to migrate your card to the new card payment provider Braintree.Please, visit for further instructions. Thank you and we are sorry for any inconvenience this migration may cause to you.