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Delayed reposts

Repost scheduling got a brand new functionality that allows you to delay reposts for a specific time period.This is an alternative to scheduling of reposts to a predefined set of times, Friends+Me simply delays reposts of newly fetched Google+ posts.Easy to enable, easy to use!

It's here! Embedded Twitter images support

This long time expected Friends+Me feature is finally here to help you increase clicks, favorites and retweets of your Twitter posts originated from Google+.Any image Friends+Me finds in your Google+ post will be reposted to Twitter as an embedded image.What is it all about? Twitter recently announced a new feature where images can be viewed in the stream without clicking to view and this can get you a significant increase in engagement.Buffer did some research regarding the impact of this new Twitter feature and results look very promising:
Tweets with images received 89% more favouritesTweets with images received 18% more clicks than those withoutTweets with images received 150% more retweetsHere are some screenshots where you can see how an embedded Twitter image actually looks like.It looks great, doesn’t it? And believe me, your Twitter followers are gonna love it! Thanks go to Ben Johnston for helping during tests and for pushing us to implement this feature :)