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New pricing plans + unlimited FREE

Happy New Year 2014!Friends+Me evolved during the last year into a fully featured service that provides continuously increasing value to all its users and so the time has come to turn Friends+Me into a fully grown business.We have decided to extend pricing plans and to offer unlimited number of reposts and every existing Friends+Me feature to everyone. This important step will allow us to provide so insanely great customer support and stable social broadcasting platform with great new features. Lets see our new pricing page.Existing paying customers will be unaffected by the new prices and will continue paying at the price they originally signed up at. New pricing plans and new limitations will not affect them in any way unless they change their subscription.The new FREE plan is absolutely amazing. Even though you will be able to connect only 2 more accounts, the number of reposts is not limited in any way and you will be also able to enjoy fully link shortener, reposts schedul…