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Publish to Google+ Pages with Friends+Me

Good news everyone!I’d like to introduce you a long time awaited feature. Publishing to Google+ Pages!This amazing feature is available only for premium plans (with the exception of personal plans) and can be used in two different ways.You can create a new post on Friends+Me site, attach a link or a photo and publish to Google+ Page immediately or schedule for later.Reposts to Google+ Pages. You’ll be able to repost from Google+ profiles and pages to other Google+ pages. Yay!In case you need any help to use this new feature, please visit our Google+ Page Management help page.You’ll be able to manage comments for all posts published using Friends+Me. Also basic analytics is included to see number of +1 and reshares.It’s just a first release, so be ready to see some improvements over time.How to enable publishing feature for already connected Google+ page accounts? Easy, all you have to do is to reconnect Google+ page account. See how to reconnect an account.Don’t forget to subscribe to…

Brand new features!

Good news everyone!Friends+Me has reached 20,000 happy users!At the occasion of this tremendous success we’ve released a new FREE plan with reduced limits and some brand new features you will find very useful.Other very important thing to mention is the new Friends+Me service status page where you can see all on going or scheduled incidents.Connect more accounts with new FREE planThe new free plan allows you to connect 1 account for every network supported by Friends+Me. So for example, you’ll be able to connect your Google+ profile or page, Facebook profile, group or page, one Twitter account, Linkedin profile, group or page and one Tumblr blog, all that for free.Now you can give Friends+Me a proper try for free.What new features?Less permissions required for signing-upPrevious sign-up process required users to grant much more permissions to Friends+Me. Now you simply sign-up without any special permissions and you’re asked for more permissions only in ca…