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Next step, Friends+Me Chrome extension

Friends+Me helps countless Google users to focus on the creation of great content and saves an impressive amount of time while doing so. Not an easy task to do.

To make use of Friends+Me as easy as humanly possible was always my priority. My goal is to deliver an easy to use cross platform experience to every single Google+ user with no exceptions. Big dream, real challenge.

It’s an enormous task for me as a single founder to maintain, deliver and keep the multi-browser user experience on an acceptable level and I cannot accept the current state any longer. Friends+Me must be a pleasure to use.

Those are the main reasons why I've finally decided to focus more on user experience and why the next Friends+Me development phase will focus on creation of a Friends+Me Google Chrome extension which will help to deliver a faster, more stable, richer and user-friendlier Google+ experience to everyone.

This step will further increase symbiosis of Google+ and Friends+Me to the benefit of all …