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New simple way of setting up Friends+Me profile with presets

Well, we all may agree that Friends+Me is not exactly a prototype of easy to setup product right now.

One of many challenges new users must face is not just how to connect accounts and setup repost routing correctly but it is also hard for them to find some actionable answer to questions like:

How can I control my reposts with hashtags?Can reposts lead followers to the shared content instead of my Google+ accounts?
It was simply too hard to setup.

From now on you’ll always know how your Google+ repost will look like on the other networks and where the back-link if any will lead your followers.
Let me introduce to you configuration presets. Every single user will be able to pick one of four presets to setup complex Friends+Me behavior with just a single click.
The presets define the control of reposts so new Google+ posts are either reposted by default or reposted only if at least one control hashtag is present within the post.
The next important thing presets define is back-link behavi…

How to use to shorten links shared with Friends+Me extension

It's really easy to enable link shortening for your new Friends+Me extension? The first thing you'll need is a Friends+Me account. Sign up here in case you do not have Friends+Me account yet. If you already have one all you have to do is to make sure you're signed in. In the next step please make sure you've connected Google+ accounts (profile, pages) you'd like to publish shortened link posts to. And the last step is to setup/check link shortening configuration for your connected Google+ accounts. Visit every your Google+ account detail and in Settings menu click at the Link Shortening option. To setup link shortening is really easy. First click at the Use button that's right next to the header. Popped up dialog will ask you if you'd like to setup link shortener to all you currently connected accounts. Checking this option will save you a lot of time. You'll be redirected to the authorization page after you …

Share to Google+ from ANYWHERE on the web!

We’ve been told that one day we’ll all be able to share to Google+ with grace and ease never experienced before.The long-awaited day has come.My friends, let me introduce to you Friends+Me Chrome Extension!This Chrome extension will help you to share posts and links from ANYWHERE on the web to your Google+ profiles, pages and communities the fastest and easiest way possible!Install the Chrome extension →I guarantee you’ll love it! You can read more about this extension and future plans in our latest blog post Next step, Friends+Me Chrome extensionIn case you need any help with the extension, please visit our extension help page or hit the reply button.