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Friends+Me for Pinterest

Yes, it’s true! I know you’ve been waiting long time for this one. So without any further delay…

Publish, schedule, repost to Pinterest with Friends+Me.

Start Pinning with Friends+Me!

Everyone can start to pin and schedule to Pinterest right away!

Non-premium users can connect 1 Pinterest board and number of queued posts is limited to 2. Free forever!

Repost from Google+ to Pinterest is a feature available only to premium accounts with custom or one of currently available premium plans. Also above mentioned limits are not applied.

Only posts with a photo attached are reposted to Pinterest.

If you have any question just send us a private message and we’ll get right back to you.

How to Use Friends+Me in your Team

Are you a little like me and try and do everything yourself? I admit I am a bit of a control freak, but recently I’ve discovered the joy and freedom of delegating some of my frequent tasks to others. Doing this has allowed me to spend more time on developing other aspects of my business and freeing my mind to focus on the important stuff!

However, delegating tasks relating to social media can be tricky. I know of some businesses who share their Twitter password within their team. That’s dangerous because the security of your Twitter account is now dependant on more than just you. There have been high profile cases of businesses’ Twitter accounts being taken over by a rogue (former) employee or by a malicious hacker. You should never share your social media accounts’ user credentials, but this is a challenge as some social networks don’t make that a simple task- Twitter in particular.

This is where a social media management tool comes in very useful- and Friends+Me does help! With Frien…