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New Unlimited Pricing - Pay For What You Use

Have you ever wanted to have a better control over cost of social media tools you use? Well, now you can!

I'd like to introduce you our new unlimited pricing Pay For What You Use. No longer you have to pick a premium plan that offers way too much or way too little. Pay only for social profiles you connect and for team members you really want to invite to help you to manage your social media empire.
Migrate your Friends+Me account to the new Pay For What You Use plan and get $9 credit for FREE!
Get access to all Friends+Me features with no exception, unlimited.
What features can I get access to?
Pay only for what you use! (new) Bulks Schedule posts Repost from Google+ to any connected account (Pinterest and Google+ included) Fast repost interval 1-10 minutes Connect unlimited number of accounts Queue unlimited number of posts Invite unlimited number of team members